Internships, courses

25 stycznia 2016

„Who is NCBR expert?”, 19/01/2023, Organizer: National Centre for Research and Development, Warsaw

Participation in the training – workshop entitled „Practical aspects of applications for protection”, 10/05/2022, Opole

Anti-corruption – 08/03/2021, Organizer: Central Anticorruption Bureau, Warsaw

Corruption in business – 08/03/2021, Organizer: Central Anticorruption Bureau, Warsaw

Corruption in public administration – 08/03/2021, Organizer: Central Anticorruption Bureau, Warsaw

Huawei Eco-Connect 2020, Organizer: Huawei, Warsaw, November 24, 2020

Think Digital Summit Poland, Organizer: IBM, Warsaw, September 16-17, 2020

HPE Technology Roadshow 2020 – The perfect way to deliver IT solutions: EaaS. E = Everything, Organizer: Intel, HP, Warsaw, June 9, 2020

„VMware @ IBM Cloud – hybrid cloud in practice”, Organizer: IBM, Warsaw, May 27, 2020

Huawei ICT Day, Organizer: Huawei, Warsaw, April 28, 2020

Participation in the training – ScienceDirect – advanced search – 09/06/2020, Organizer: Elsevier Polska (on-line)

Participation in the training – The Book Publishing Process: An Elsevier Author Workshop – 03/06/2020, Organizer: Elsevier (on-line)

Participation in the training – Operation of the Uniform Antiplagiarism System (JSA) – 21/01/2018, Organizer: Information Processing Center (Warsaw)

Participation in the training – Possibility of applying for funds for scientific research from various sources – 24.10.2016, Organizer: Scientific Research Service Office of the PO (Opole)

Completion of the course – Social effects of corruption – 14/09/2016, Organizer: Central Anticorruption Bureau

Completion of the course – Corruption in business – 13/09/2016, Organizer: Central Anticorruption Bureau

Completion of the course – Corruption in public administration – 12/09/2016, Organizer: Central Anticorruption Bureau

Teaching LLP Erasmus and Erasmus + in the following subjects: Algorithm Design, Data Structure, Software engineering, Statistical interference and operational research, Internet Technology, Data Base, Information technology, Designing of data bases.

Conducting classes in subjects in English: Internet Technology, Information Technology, Data Base I, Data Base II, Software Engineering, Designing of Data Bases, Computer Networks I, Computer Networks II, Algorithms and Data Structures.

Participation in the training – Principles of the education quality assurance system at the Opole University of Technology – 20/11/2014 (Opole)

Participation in the training – Research funding – 02/12/2014, Organizer: Scientific Research Service Office of the PO (Opole)

Participation in the training – Horizon 2020 – Structure and rules of participation – 3.07.2014 (Opole)

Participation in the training – Improving communication between lecturers and students with disabilities – 15.05.2014 – bit Poland – under the project: „Time of engineers II – studies ordered at the Opole University of Technology” (Opole)

Completion of a pedagogical course for academic teachers (Opole)

Participation in the training – Education Management System – VULCAN (Opole)

Implementation of web applications based on CMS systems in the SME sector (Opole).

Author of a number of publications – Portal scientific and educational:, (Kielce)

Conducting didactic classes in the following fields: automation and robotics and computer science in the following subjects: Cloud programming, Data mining, Operating Systems II, Algorithms and Data Structures, IT II (Programming in JAVA), IT I, Information Technology, IT systems design, Methods Probabilistic, Programming III (C #), Internet Techniques in Automation, Monographic Lecture, Fundamentals of Automation and Automatic Regulation, Operating Systems, Expert Systems, Neuroinformatics Problems in Automation Applications, Artificial Intelligence Tools, IT in Automation, Modern Techniques in Automation and Robotics, Technologies Internet in automation, System programming.

Conducting classes in the field of Medical Physics in the following subjects: Diagnostic methods in medical measurements, Neuroinfromatyka, University of Opole, 2016-2018.

Author of articles in the nationwide Gazeta-MSP, Top-Multimedia Publishing House (Warsaw)

Participation in the Intel Enterprise OnSite training – multi-core processor programming (Warsaw)

Student internships at Zaklada Energetyczny „Zeork S.A.” Radom-Kielce District in the IT department (Skarzysko-Kamienna, July 2006)

Active participation in the implementation of the European program of international youth cooperation Socrates-Commenius (Skarzysko-Kamienna, 2001-2003)

Completion of the course „Implementing and supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional” (Opole, June 2005)

Completion of the 3D modeling training course: „AutoDesk INVENTOR 10 Professional” (Opole, April-May 2006)

Internship at Zakład Energetyczny „Zeork S.A.” Radom-Kielce District as an assistant in the IT department (Skarzysko-Kamienna, February-March 2002)